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At Maybank Private , we carry a comprehensive suite of products and solutions to help you meet your daily banking needs as well as longer-term investment goals.

By sharing key insights, you will have timely investment information on today’s dynamic marketplace and tomorrow’s trends. The impact of new economic policies, changes in the political scene, movements in the financial markets and the evolution of the business cycle are all intimately linked. Our analysis of the events will help you understand the possible impacts and how best to position your portfolio.

Our Approach to Building Your Investment Portfolio

Our Investment Expertise

Our Private Wealth team comprises investment specialists in different Asian geographical locations with a diverse range of experience working closely together to bring you the most updated market knowledge, investment information and strategies.

Our open architecture platform gives you access to an extensive array of products and services that leverage opportunities around the region to meet your wealth management objectives.

Product on-boarding

Your interest comes first. Our experienced product specialists along with our robust product review framework ensure investment products by highly reputable  providers are on-boarded. All our investment products are risk rated and approved by our internal Committees before they are made available to our clients. Our product suite and providers are reviewed on a periodic basis to ensure they stay relevant and are replaced if the need arises.

Tailored for You

One size doesn’t fit all. To provide you on suitable investment strategies, your Relationship Manager, supported by a team of experienced investment specialists, will discuss with you to understand your financial objectives and risk appetite..

Asset Allocation Model

Our asset allocation model provides both diversification and short-term active management. In assisting you to make your investment decisions, we provide the most relevant and timely information with a strong product platform.

Liquid Assets

Prestige Savings Account

Prestige Savings Account is an online savings account that offers you attractive interest rates.
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Foreign Exchange & Treasury

Trading Services

We offer a range of products – foreign exchange, derivatives, bonds and equities. We have access to 34 markets in equities offerings and bonds in various currency denominations to ensure no lack of options.

Forex Trading

Our Foreign Exchange specialists within the Maybank Group offer both short and medium term views on currency and interest rate movements, based on timely research and analysis. We have solutions ranging from plain vanilla instruments to complex derivatives such as options and swaps to meet your hedging and trading needs.


Discretionary Portfolio Management

Discretionary Portfolio Management free up your time by leveraging on our Investment team. You will have access to a range of strategies while setting the end objective, leaving the monitoring and day-to-day investment decisions to us.

Bonds / Sukuk

Bonds / Sukuk such as investment-grade government and corporate bonds offer a less risky investment alternative and can be used to improve the risk-return ratio of your portfolio as well as provide a regular source of income. Your Relationship Manager will walk you through our list of recommended bonds denominated in various currencies, tenure and credit ratings. High-yield bonds are also available if you have a higher-risk appetite.

Mutual and Hedge Funds

Our wide range of mutual and hedge funds are chosen based on a rigorous bottom-up selection process. We work with over 20 fund house partners to offer an array of funds in different asset classes such as equities, bonds, multi-asset funds and even alternatives.


Our diverse range of funds is selected and monitored by a team of highly qualified, experienced fund analysts, each specialising in different markets, asset classes and investment styles.


Primarily leveraging off Maybank-Kim Eng’s expertise, we bring you comprehensive stock recommendations across different markets in Asia. Take advantage of our strong global footprint to trade in markets such as the US, Europe, Japan, and other developed markets.

Structured Products

Structured products are used as a flexible alternative to traditional investments, so that you can capitalise on tactical opportunities across various asset classes. We work with the best counterparties globally to bring you innovative and bespoke products, structured to your individual risk and return profile. Alternatively, you can choose one of Maybank’s many structured solutions.

We offer Structured Deposits and Structured Notes linked to different asset classes. Products can be linked to FX, commodities, interest rates, stocks, indices, bonds, credit or a combination of these. For Structured Deposits, Maybank guarantees the principal repayment as long as the deposits are held until maturity. For Structured Notes, we offer various Issuers with a minimum credit rating of A- (S&P). Tenors range from short term (3 months) to long term (up to 10 years).

Dual Currency Investment

A short-term investment product that gives you the opportunity to earn potentially higher returns on the investment in the currency markets. Choose from a wide range of currencies (EUR, GBP, AUD NZD, USD, JPY, CAD, CHF, HKD, SGD & CNH) with a flexible investment period of between 1 week and 3 months.

Alternative Investments

Alternative investments include asset classes other than the traditional asset classes of cash, fixed income and equities. We offer hedge funds, commodities and precious metals, just to name a few. With in-depth due diligence and regular reviews, we ensure that the best possible investment ideas are presented to you.

Liquid Investments

Our deposits, money market funds and dual currency investments in a wide range of currencies and tenors will help you manage your liquidity.



    We believe in balance. Structure, with flexibility. Resources from within and outside the Bank. Our open architecture platform lets us screen and source for products from the best providers globally, benefitting you in both the short and long run.


    And timing is paramount. Your Relationship Manager will provide you with regular investment updates, key insights, and Maybank Group’s analysis of events to help you understand the possible impacts so that you can best position your portfolio.


    Our asset allocation model is made up of core and satellite investments. Core investments provide exposure to asset classes that are broadly representative of the market. Satellite strategies have the potential to deliver higher returns derived from short-term active management.


    We ride on Maybank Group’s capabilities and resources to bring you the best possible solutions.
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    Maybank is the first and only Malaysian bank listed as one of the World's Strongest Banks by Bloomberg Markets. We have also garnered top honours in the Euromoney Private Banking Awards, Asiamoney Awards, and many more.
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Lending Facilities

Overseas Mortgage Loan

Amongst one of the first banks in the region to offer an Overseas Mortgage Loan, you can now purchase properties overseas while financing the loan in Singapore – either in SGD or in the currency where the property is located. This eases the impact that currency fluctuations have on your mortgage repayments throughout your mortgage tenure.

Take advantage of the Overseas Mortgage Loan for property purchases in Singapore, Malaysia, London, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane.

Cross-Border Financing

Finance your investments seamlessly across borders. As a Maybank Private Client, you may be presented with investment opportunities abroad or wish to take advantage of currency movements to build wealth. Capitalising on these opportunities often requires liquidating a part of your portfolio.

Cross-Border Financing helps ensure such realignments are made smoothly and strategically, even across different countries. Assets based in an eligible country can be pledged to secure a credit line at competitive rates, allowing you the freedom to invest anywhere else in the world. All while maintaining the status of your existing portfolio until a more convenient time in the future.

Leveraged Investments

Maybank Private Wealth offers financing facilities secured against your equities so you can lower your cash outlay and attain cash-on-hand for other investment opportunities.

Universal Life Insurance Premium Financing

As a Maybank Private Client, it’s essential that you and your wealth are protected. Yet, often the price of protection means paying a hefty lump sum, which depletes your assets. Maybank offers Universal Life Premium Financing – a flexible and affordable way to establish your legacy.

Business Facility

To further augment the success of your business, your Relationship Manager will connect your business to the relevant Maybank Group experts in trade finance products, credit facilities, securities lending, currency exchange, cross-border financing, investment leveraging and more.

Bespoke Solutions

Universal Life Insurance

Whether you are planning for family protection or business succession, creating a legacy starts with creating a plan. Universal Life Insurance is a single premium whole life policy that offers high protection coverage. It presents you with the opportunity for wealth creation while preserving your wealth for generations to come.

Other Services

Our extensive network of counterparties and strategic partners allow us to introduce to you customised solutions including:

. Private Equity
. Trusts
. Foundations
. Philanthropy
. Legacy Planning

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